QA and testing


Our quality assurance process adds value to BasisTech Products

  • Certified ISO9002 since 1998 and ISO14000 since 2003
  • Strong QA management Team lead by Vice president and QA manager
  • Detailed Total QA Documentation system
  • Production line monitoring system
  • Employee training system.
  • ADF Test and documentation
  • Helmet  shell coating adhesion test and documentation.
  • Reliability and Environment test and documentation


Key test equipments

  • Light Scattering meter- Hornell Innovation made in Sweden
  • ADF response/Tempt meter – Xelux/UDT made in Sweden
  • Homogeneity and view angle analyzer - PI Physik Instrument made in Germany
  • UV/VIS & UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer - Perkin Elmer made in USA


More key test equipments

  • ADF shade tester - Xelux/UDT made in Sweden
  • High precision current amplifier – FEMTO made in Germany
  • Prismatic scope – Nippon Optics made in Japan
  • UV lighting generator – OSRAM made in USA